Mock Peer Grant Review

Before submitting your next grant, let the experts review your proposal!
Reviewing your grant proposal before submission is key! A competitively crafted proposal must not only contain relevant and necessary information which addresses the proposal requirements, but must also be easy and enjoyable to read. Ensuring a submission free from mistakes takes multiple revisions.

Our team of experts can assist your organization with ensuring your proposal:
  • Meets the grant guidelines
  • Aligns with the funder's giving priorities
  • Is free of typos, unnecessary jargon, duplicative text, etc.
  • Would score highly according to the rubric
  • Correlates between the proposal and the budget
  • Includes all required attachments
In addition to reviewing your materials, our team will provide feedback and ask follow-up questions that the funders/reviewers are likely to ask. This gives your organization a greater chance of success and a competitive edge!
Kim Joyce & Associates